Supply Chain Management

  • Are small supply chain breakdowns causing big problems too often in your organization? Is more stability required?
  • How much $ could be made available if your inventory levels were optimized?
  • Is your organization writing-off significant losses due to inventory control issues?
  • Are your suppliers being held accountable? Could your key suppliers provide additional value?
  • Does your supply chain have a robust Key Performance Indicator program in place with action plans defined for improvement?
  • How much $ is your organization spending on freight annually? Could this be reduced?
business supply chain management

Supply Chain Management encompasses all operational processes from end-to-end; from fulfilling a customer order to ordering raw material (and everything in between). The stability of an organization's supply chain is highly dependent on the strength of the processes. The Supply Chain Management stream focuses on developing, defining, and implementing processes effectively - as well as improving existing processes as a collaborative team. This stream also has options for focused optimization projects for specific points of the supply chain based on an organization's needs. Value Chain and Supply Chain are sometimes used synonymously, but typically the Value Chain encompasses all of the supply chain activities plus the organizational support processes such as Human Resources, Accounting/Finance, and Research & Design.


Assess & Engage

This two-day workshop is designed to be a hands-on session with members of an organization’s supply chain team. The focus is to build an end-to-end map of the primary supply chain activities from customer order through to final delivery.

The map is then used to identify issues and opportunities, which are assessed and prioritized based on a funnel exercise.

The planning and accountability components of the 90-Day Strategic Execution approach are introduced to the team, and the plan for the next 90 days is developed as part of the workshop.

The scope of this workshop can be expanded to encompass the Value Chain (i.e. include all primary and support processes) and/or it can be focused on a specific functional area.

Supply Chain Operational Map & 90-Day Plan


Train & Implement

The 90-Day Plan developed from the operational map (workshop event) is typically comprised of Process opportunities and Optimization opportunities.

For Process opportunities within the 90-Day Plan, the Value Stream Matrix tool is applied as a Bootcamp event. A Value Stream Matrix event can be carried out as a train-the-trainer approach or a TimeLine10 resource can facilitate multiple events based on the priorities of the 90-Day Plan.

Depending on the requirements with respect to the Process opportunities, additional tools such as Core Process Development may be drawn upon as part of the 90-Day Plan and required Bootcamp events.

Value Stream Matrix for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimization

The Supply Chain operates on many intertwined processes and has many variables that can be optimized. These potential optimization opportunities can be addressed through a scoped project using a TimeLine10 resource.

The following is a list of potential pain points that are often identified through the operational map and 90-Day Plan:

PROCUREMENT: Spend Analysis, Risks & Contingencies, Supplier Performance Management, Contract Management

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Replenishment Systems, Stocking Strategy, Forecasting, Inventory Control

WAREHOUSING: Network Design, Wave/Pick Strategy, Square Footage Requirements, Product/Bin Slotting, Racking/Equipment Selection

TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT: Freight Strategy, Lane/Route Design, Freight Data Analytics, Carrier Management

Supply Chain Optimization Projects