Leadership Development

  • What leadership competencies are critically important to your organization?
  • Would strengthening certain leadership competencies within your organization have a positive impact on your organization?
  • Are their people within your organization in leadership roles that have never taken any leadership training?
  • Are their people in your organization being mentored by someone that has never taken any leadership training?
  • Do you know how your people's style, strength, and weaknesses align to the most critical leadership competencies?
  • What behaviours are you trying to shape and influence in your organization?
leadership development

People truly make the difference. People naturally have different styles, strengths, and weaknesses; the intent of the Leadership Development stream is to help organizations develop their people by using a structured approach that is aligned to the organization’s needs. The intent is to develop leadership with a tailored design based on the competencies and behaviours that are critical to the organization moving forward. The approach is based on providing training to drive awareness, but then reinforcing the training through coaching and ensuring the proper rhythms/habits are in place to nurture the development of leadership.


Assess & Engage

This half-day workshop is focused on how to utilize a design of competencies as the baseline for developing leadership. The workshop strives to provide a different perspective on how leadership can be effectively developed within an organization.

The intent is to provide an overview of what is involved in terms of starting with a gap/needs analysis, designing the competency matrix, and how the training/coaching progresses. Workshop participants can assess the approach, reflect on current/previous leadership development initiatives, and self-assess their organization on critical gaps.

This Workshop is geared towards people in a position to assess leadership development methods/alternatives for their organization.

Leadership Development by Design


Train & Implement

These training modules are based on competencies aligned with an organization that values growth, innovation, and collaboration. The design of the competency matrix is based on the experience of TimeLine10 working with organizations on strategic execution and step-change improvements.

These modules can be used as a starting point for an organization, which can then evolve into a tailored program to focus on specific needs.

Train – Apply – Coach is the approach taken with these modules with encouragement to practice and self-reflect.

Competency Matrix & Gap Analysis

Time Management & Priority Alignment

Essential Leadership Skills

Leading Change

Leadership Development System Deployments

TimeLine10 has over 300 hours of leadership training to design modules that address specific requirements.

Organizations that are most successful in developing leadership invest time in defining the competencies and behaviors that they are trying to influence. Then aligning training modules to address the gaps throughout their employee group; reinforced with ongoing coaching and feedback.

System deployment throughout an organization may occur through internal “osmosis” triggered by people adopting newly trained habits/routines; or scaling can occur by increasing the scope of training (e.g. more people, more modules).