Continuous Improvement

  • How does Continuous Improvement fit into the growth plans of your organization? What has to be achieved as part your Strategy?
  • Has your organization attempted a Continuous Improvement launch but it seemed to be a false start?
  • Is Continuous Improvement integrated throughout your organization? Are your people truly engaged and developing?
  • Is identifying issues, generating ideas, and creating actions a daily occurrence within your organization?
  • How does your organization manage change? Are improvements being sustained or do the changes backslide to the status quo?
  • Is your Continuous Improvement mindset a strategic advantage for your organization? If not, could it be?
continuous improvement

It is often said that Continuous Improvement is 90% about people, but too often organizations try to implement continuous improvement purely by taking a technical approach. The Continuous Improvement stream is about working directly with your people to solve real challenges that your organization is faced with; simultaneously developing your people as well as nurturing the organizational culture into being more proactive and teamwork based. The approach and material used within this stream has been used to transform over 100 organizations throughout North America as well as overseas. The tools used within a Continuous Improvement system are vitally important, but the people being developed to utilize these tools are many times more important.


Assess & Engage

This half-day workshop is focused on the Process and Innovation streams of the TimeLine10 framework.

The intent is to provide an overview of how the focus points are broken into manageable pieces and for workshop participants to assess the approach; as well as self-assess their organization against these Process and Innovation concepts.

This Workshop is geared towards people either on their Continuous Improvement journey or are assessing alternatives to begin/reignite improvement efforts.

Lean Thinking

Continuous Improvement Tools


Train & Implement

These training modules are based on focuses to address certain objectives of an organization depending on strategy and requirements.

The intent is to train the participants on the approach and then to apply the technique to a “live” problem within the organization.

Core Process Development & VSM

Repetitive Tasks & SOP’s

6S, Visual Management, & Standard Work

Quality & Key Performance Indicators

Collaboration & Problem-Solving

Kaizen – Rapid Change

New Product Development

Process & Innovation System Deployments

Each training module is designed with the intent that participants are capable of applying the concept/tools throughout their organization. Or a TimeLine10 trainer can facilitate sessions to scale the concept/tools with different teams throughout the organization.

The modules within the Process and Innovation streams form an overall management system focusing on day-to-day stability, collaboration, engagement, and a foundation for continuous improvement.

The intent is to tap into the “Power of the Team” and to unlock the capacity of leaders to focus ON the business rather than having to work IN the business day-to-day.

Black Belt Transformation