Our Purpose

To accelerate the process of people and businesses reaching their goals.


The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


A person's principles or standards of behaviours; one's judgement of what is important.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

Do the right thing is an overarching value as to how people should do business with one another and how people should treat one another in general. Honesty, respect, good character, and integrity is at the foundation of this value for TimeLine10.

Big Results

At TimeLine10 we want to take on big projects, big challenges, and provide big results. We need to be knowledgeable, innovative, and capable for the organizations we serve.

Will & Grit

Big results takes hard work, engrained in TimeLine10 is a roll-up-our-sleeves mentality to serve organizations that need our help. It is not about just meeting expectations, but exceeding expectations whenever possible.


Being agile is about being able to understand, think, and move quickly. Exactly how we want to serve organizations and help them grow.

Keep it Real

Keep it real has a twofold meaning for TimeLine10. The first is to stay in our sweet spot, to not take on projects/clients that we are not a good fit for. The second is our proposed solutions and provided results should be easy to understand, if the explanation seems to be a stretch or seems complicated then we are somehow not doing the right thing.

Who We Work With ...

The organizations that we work with typically fall into one of the following three scenarios:


Organizations that are growing faster than anticipated. Their revenue has spiked in a short time period from being measured in hundreds-of-thousands into being measured in millions. These organizations need support with scaling-up in a structured way and balancing risk while doing so.


Organizations that have hit a ceiling in terms of they have already been through signficant growth, but there is another level they can get to - they just need additional support to get there. In many cases, this scenario is related to the business outgrowing its current internal capacity - which may be related to space, people, process, resources, or a combination of multiple variables.


Organizations that have decided it is just time to get better. Sometimes this is a voluntarily decision triggered by something new or a perspective change related to opportunitnies. Sometimes this is more of a forced decision in that change is a need not just a want; this scenario can be triggered by a shift/incident in the marketplace and/or within the organization.

Our "Organizational & People Development" streams are not constrained to any industry or any size/type of organization. These streams include:

  • Strategy & Execution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership Development

Our "Scale-Up Capacity" streams are more focused on serving industrial organizations that are manufacturers, distributors, and/or providing a technical service. These streams include:

  • Capacity & Facility Planning
  • Supply Chain Management

How We Work With Organizations ...

We structure our service offering in a way to ensure clients have options based on their objectives. Within each stream of services, there are options for a:


Assess & Engage

1/2 Day commitment to assess fit and to self-assess against gaps identified


Train & Implement

Designed training modules (in-person or virtual) with follow-up facilitation and coaching to reinforce implementation; modules are typically ~5 days but can be split into ½ day sessions and spread out depending on logistics

System Deployment

The learnings and implementations of the Bootcamp training modules form management systems that can be deployed throughout the organization, the management systems are interlocked with focus on Strategy, People, Process, Innovation, & Optimization

Optimization Projects

Analytical projects to optimize physical flow/capacity and the value chain

  • Manufacturing Layouts
  • Warehouse Layouts
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Transportation Management

About Our Founder

Andrew Doherty, P.Eng., MBB

Andrew Doherty, P.Eng., MBB

Andrew created TimeLine10 based on a passion to help people and businesses ACCELERATE the process of reaching their goals. Based on a belief that time is our most valuable resource, Andrew set out on a path to unlock the capacity of people by freeing them to work ON versus constantly IN their businesses.

The approach being to remove the need to frequently intervene with firefighting, makeshift solutions, and band-aid problem solving; by building management systems capable of running the business that evolve and adapt as the business matures. Freeing people up to focus and collaborate on growth and addressing the "right problems".

Over the past 20 years of multi-industry experience and serving on various Boards, Andrew has developed a niche combination of expertise comprised of:

  • Technical capabilities and know-how
  • Sense of practicality in what will work and add value
  • Thorough knowledge of end-to-end operational processes
  • Ability to translate complex issues into pieces that simplify the overall puzzle
  • The ability to coach people and build a sense of teamwork

Andrew is an Industrial Engineer, graduating from Dalhousie University in 2002 and is a certified Master Black Belt. Driven by having opportunities to help people make the right decisions and implement positive change. His forte is facilitating teams to collaborate and sync the flows/interdependencies between strategy, people, process, innovation, and optimization.

With many companies that Andrew has worked with, the key outcome has been the unlocking of available capacity which has delivered significant bottom line results. Through peer collaboration, Andrew works with a network of subject matter experts which makes it possible for TimeLine10 to bring the right people to the table on a project basis as required.